I’m now a Yin Yoga teacher!

Today, I graduated from the 50-hourĀ Mindfulness Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Chris Su held at Yoga Hive in Makati City.

Grounding. Stillness. Relaxation. These are the main principles of Yin yoga that may very well apply to our everyday lives. Sometimes, or maybe often times, we get too caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, that we forget to go back to the basics – to be present, grateful, and to share love, kindness, and compassion not only to others, but to ourselves, as well.

Such is just one of the many reminders and affirmations I had, as I completed the 6-day training, along with other amazing – and fun – human beings. We were all students AND teachers, learning from each other, motivating each other.

As one of my classmates said, the seed has been planted. And I say, now, let’s go and multiply, haha! Congratulations to us all!